Diversify Our Syllabi: African Philosophy (with audio and handout)

The Diversity Committee of the Department of Philosophy at York is pleased to announce the second of a series of workshops, "Diversifying your Syllabi: African Philosophy." 

This series serves to support philosophy educators in their efforts to diversify the content of their syllabi. In each workshop in this series, a scholar with research or teaching experience in a specific area of underrepresented philosophy is asked to address three questions: (a) what is the history of the topic, (b) what are the major disagreements within this history, and (c) what are some suggestions for readings (or available translations)  that other philosophers could incorporate into their syllabi. All philosophy educators (including TAs) and interested philosophers welcome!

Our second workshop on the topic of African Philosophy was led by Professor Esteve Morera (York University, Philosophy) who teaches our third year course "Conversations with African Philosophy."

audio file: